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About Us

Youth Theatre Canada (formerly KW Youth Theatre, est. 2008) is Canada's premier Performing Arts School, providing students of all levels, as well as socio-economic and intercultural backgrounds, the opportunity to advance themselves professionally, socially, and personally.  Each and every student's natural skills are honed and developed, while also learning and acquiring the tools necessary for the process of performing in and co-building a production.  

With a focus on collaborative creation, blending speech with movement and music, we’re proud of the reputation we have gained throughout the years.  Youth Theatre Canada is a place where students and instructors alike can thrive and grow, and we gladly welcome passionate and aspiring creators from coast to coast.

There is no cost to audition. If selected for the program, tuition is $440 (financial assistance provided for interested families).

Whether you’ve already registered or thinking of auditioning, continue browsing to find out more.

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